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When I was in high school, many long years ago,  No-BS Manifesting Course there was a kid who many others would make fun of because he didn't seem to "be all there." As one fellow put it, they "kept him around for laughs." To make a long story rather short, the one they made fun of found a job in a small company, discovered that a product they were using was wearing out on an almost daily basis, checked into how to make it and how much to charge for it by asking another small business owner, and now produces it in his basement. When I last heard about him, I was told that he paid cash for his house and car, and worked an average of about twenty hours per week. He did what was necessary to accomplish his goals. 

He just kept putting one foot in front of the other, did not hesitate to ask for help when he needed it, and didn't mind what anyone else thought of him. The problem with most of us, including yours truly, is that we never took the time to just relax and ask ourselves what we want out of life. We all have the tendency to listen to the television and radio, and read magazines and newspapers, where they tell us that in order to be successful, we have to go to college, get married, pump out a bunch of kids, but an expensive home and vehicle, and purchase lots of other high-cost items. If we don't, we are left with the impression that everyone else will think we are a worthless blob of DNA, and no one will like us.



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