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Certainly the ups and downs of life present us Overnight Millionaire System Review  with challenges. But many of our challenges are a result of the wrong thinking indoctrination we have been programmed to believe. We believe happiness is just around the corner if only we do this thing or that thing, that happiness will be found and the respect of others gained by achieving society's goals; that earning enough money will automatically eliminate all of our other problems. We have been programmed to believe that any sacrifices of our physical health, relationships and spiritual well being made while we seek career success are worth it. But most people are disappointed to realize after securing their respectable dream job that it does not result in the happiness they worked so hard to achieve. They realize that they were chasing goals that actually prevented them from living in the NOW-which is all there is. If your obituary were written today, what would it say about your life How would you want to be remembered How would you like your accomplishments in life to be honored Sit down now and write the things that would be important to mention about the five key areas of life: your job/career, your financial stability, your marriage and family, your physical vitality, and the ways you give back to society.



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