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There are different kinds of Asia Charm aspects that a woman uses to attract men. She can be physically attractive, or intellectually attractive, and most women are a balance of them both. Nobody wants to be all brains, and no man really wants just to be with a woman with a great body, because we all know that beauty ages away and we need to love and appreciate each other for who we truly are.Of course it helps a woman if she is good-looking, but she doesn't need to be drop dead gorgeous. The point is, to be an eye catching woman, you just need to know how to balance between physical attraction, and intellectual attraction It's important to understand that physical sexiness isn't the only thing men are attracted to. Men often want to settle down with a woman who is both physically attractive and intellectually interesting to them.It's not all about their looks, because the looks only get you in the door. And if a woman doesn't know what to say or keep a man's company in a conversation, the man leaves in a hurry. Men want to settle down with women who have their emotions and behavior "together" in a way that signals they'd make a great companion and keeps them interested forever with their "intellectual attractiveness".



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