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A Website - A website is BY FAR the best place to Motioney send your traffic. It can be focused and give the prospect a good solid idea of what the business is all about. It is also helpful if you have a capture page that will get their information like name and email address so that you can contact them later if you need to. An Email Address - I really hate this one when I see it the most. For me telling people to email you if they are interested is just pointless. Yes, I'm sure that some people will actually do it but I promise you that it is way, way less effective than other methods. First of all because email is so not personal. Any yahoo can have an email address and when you send an email you really have no way of knowing who it is going to or who you're communicating with. Also because it's like asking the prospect to do all the work. If you want to sign them up you need to make the information readily available for them don't make them email you for more info... give it to them already!



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