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If you thought developing work skills  Manifestation Miracle  was exclusively for young whippersnappers, think again. You don't even have to be looking for a new job to want to build your skills. You may be a successful, established professional over 40, but there's no reason why you shouldn't continue developing skills. Here are three scenarios in which people like you might be interested in skills development You think it's time you were promoted, but what can you do to catch the boss' eye Developing skills relevant to the role you're aiming for is a start. If you're planning to move up to management, or some other type of authoritative role, it's a great idea to develop good leadership skills. Not only can you develop new skills specific to your desired job role, you can also build up skills that will help you through the actual process of getting a promotion. Improving your negotiation skills, learning to project yourself properly and communicating your strengths all increase the likelihood of you landing that dream promotion. 




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