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Once you apply the principles of weight control for a while,CitriTherm  it becomes part of your life style, like taking a shower or making the bed. You lose your taste for highfat, highsugar food and eat healthier food out of choice even when weight control isn't an issue. A blended approach including education, healthy eating habits, and exercise, along with counseling if needed, will produce permanent fat loss and weight control. A step forward in your Fitness Lifestyle. The Perfect Body. Everyone wants it. If we have the perfect body, it becomes a race to keep it. "I can't gain that weight back." If we don't have it we resent it, some to inconsolable longing. This longing can verge on an obsession to extreme measures Al Roker. We strive for those low body fat numbers 810% for men and 1520% for women. We count calories or eat low carb for that perfect thin body. We want all traces of rolls, dimples and squishy, puffy soft skin gone. All signs of gravity lifted. Our age needs to be defied. We want tone, taught and lean skin and muscles. We have to look like models and superstars who are paid thousands a day to look the way they do. Lithe. long, lean, sinewy, wispy even drawn. Pay no attention that these stars can afford the time and trainers to exercise 4 hours a day in the pursuit of perfection. There's a plethora of diet books out there.



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