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Sometimes we shield ourselves from reality by associating with Raspberry Ketone people who are just like us. They think the same, believe the same and even look the same, but the example we get is not anything that will help us make our lives better, probably just the opposite, all we do is maintain the status quo and live in an unchallenged unchallengeable cocoon. It is a well documented fact the people who are either overweight or obese like to stick together. They do so because they feel more comfortable being amongst people who look the same way and act the same way as they do. It is a comfortable place to be where your shortcomings are never challenged and where there is no new example to influence a change in anything. These good example free zones are very dangerous indeed. As they grow, so it becomes more and more difficult for any meaningful change to take place. If this situation continues unchecked, anybody who is not overweight could be seen to being the odd one out.



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