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High protein can hurt overall sports Curcumin180  performance in several ways. First, it depletes glycogen from both the muscles and in the liver. Second, it can lower the endurance- once the glycogen stores are burned out, the workout is over if there is no additional source of energy in place. Third, it can hamper your maximum effort. Not only can you not work out as long, you cannot work out as hard. High protein diets before a strenuous workout can also cause extremely low blood sugar- hypoglycemia.The athlete's diet should consist of about 55-65% complex carbohydrates, 25-30% fat and 12-15% protein. However, there are some that would say that the fat count is too high and that the protein amount is too low. Tweaking these numbers for individual needs and performance should be done within reason. However, the protein intake should stay in the 20-35% range and never go higher than that upper limit.Another way that a diet that is too high in protein can hurt an athlete is by increasing the risk of dehydration. It is estimated that three of every four adults in the United States are chronically dehydrated. It is also a known fact that a loss of just 2-3% of the body's water could negatively impact both cardiovascular health and athletic performance.




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