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Many people try to get rid of water that is needed by their bodies.Keto Belly Burn  These people will turn to those garbage bags that you may see someone wearing at the gym. The people think that by sweating more they will lose more weight. And they are absolutely right. If you sweat more, you will lose more water weight. You can get on the scale and see a drop in pounds immediately. Unfortunately, you will also make yourself dehydrated. This is dangerous as it can cause significant problems to your health. To add insult to injury, your body does not like to be dehydrated so when you rehydrate yourself you will put that water weight right back on. In summary, the numbers on the scale do not tell the whole story. You want to lose body fat and build small amounts of muscles. This will create the change in appearance that you want and also make you healthier. Be more concerned with fat loss than simply weight loss, but keep coming back to the "School of Weight Loss" to learn more about how you can do just that!



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