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Recent reports suggest that the switch over to low calorie Vertigo And Dizziness Program food might reduce the preponderance of heart disease in certain people who have family history of heart disease as a result of faulty eating practices. Family and friends have a major role to play in the switchover to lower cal food, and especially in the entire process of diet control. Especially for foodies, the switchover to lower cal food is a rather painful transition. For all such people the wonders of low cal diet should be made quite clear. The pros of lower calorie diets should be explained to them, and adequate motivation is required constantly in order to keep them on a diet. One must remember, however, that self motivation is always the best form of motivation. A person's calorific requirements will differ from person to person depending on different parameters. All of these different parameters have to be ascertained before calorific requirements are decided upon. Generally certain charts already exist regarding the normal level of calorie intake for people of a certain age, sex and BMI. But these charts are much generalized, and though used widely, might not be useful in all circumstances.



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