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Marital conflict discord and unhappiness can result from    Language Of Desire    a number of factors. These include abuse (of any kind), infidelity, money, incompatible life direction, poor communication and relationship skills, sexual difficulties, disagreements on parenting, disagreements on world view and religious practice, and mental illness in one or both parties. One of the challenging realities that each married individual encounters is that their spouse is a very imperfect human being. The second often less realised challenge is that they themselves are also very imperfect. One of the key issues is saving a distressed marriage is accepting the reality that people are imperfect (and they often change very slowly). An effective marriage counsellor helps couple sort through the changes and disappointment. In abuse situations the counsellor helps each individual and the couple decide how much is too much and what steps need to be taken to ensure the emotional and physical safety of all parties involved. Marriage counsellors help develop communication skills and healthy relationship practices. The counsellor will also recognise deeper personal issues that are straining the marriage and recommend personal counselling to help resolve issues of fear, control, and anger.



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