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because I'd seen other people's and they'd lost like eight pounds in like 28 days and I was like I don't understand how I've literally lost nothing now I'm gonna throw it in there for people that don't we just hardened by me saying that either because there was one thing that happened that morning my scales ran out of battery just before I went to weigh myself so I had to recharge my scales yes I charged my scales I know that's weird anyway so that may have had something to do with the fact that it like massively not check I don't know I don't know but anyway I have the pictures into me the pictures speak so loud like they to me just show everything so I'm also gonna put in here now so this is the side before and after and I'll see there is a difference and then the front before and after  Raw Power XL as well like like it's just little things like the leggings don't cut in so much and like my sports bra fits a little bit more comfortably and like you can see my collarbones a bit more so basically like it works like I'm not gonna lie like it I don't care what those girls say those pictures like it works and I feel really good for it so 


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