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Thermo Burn Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition is a slider phone with Slim Body of 12.7mm. The looks of the phone are stylish and the curved exterior of the phone makes it look stunning. The black colour anti scratch metal frame of S8300 is very smart and will make others feel jealous of your possession. The Samsung Pixon is a slim candy bar phone which boasts its 13.8mm design. The looks of both the phones are great and the difference lies mainly in its design of slider and candy bar form. The other room detail I found odd was that only the light filtering curtains closed all the way. The room darkening curtains were stationary at a wide open stance. I checked for hidden cameras and surmised that as a cost savings, they figured the 4th floor was high enough to let people on the street enjoy the naked silouhettes of the guests. But what if I did not want the sun streaming into my room the second Slim Body it broke dawn over the horizon? Luckily it was overcast the next morning. 


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