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Once you've chosen your blog platform and  Pianoforall  set up your online profile. You will likely want to customize the look and feel of your website. If possible, use a white background or something similar to make the information posted on your site pop out (i.e text, pictures, videos, beats, etc). There a literally thousands of free blog templates and themes available online to customize your site. Google search them and follow their installation instructions.Country music has been described with a number of stereotypes over the years, some good, some not so good, some clever, and some not. No doubt you've probably heard someone mockingly describe country tunes with a variation on this idea: "My dog left me, my woman got stolen, and my truck left me for another man" (something like that). There's also the famous description (I think it was Hank Williams but I may be wrong) of country music as "3 chords and the truth" which I think is just about right.But, in spite of the seemingly shallow "good love gone bad" metaphorical aspect, there have been a number of country song titles which are not only clever, but even profound. Perhaps just because of the way the song titles highlight something obvious that hadn't been described in a certain way. It was some tough doin', what with corn shuckin, tobacco chewin, and hay pilin' all keepin me busy, but I managed to whittle my list of the cleverest country song titles down to 5:


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