Harini Vannamathi
28-01-19 1 Hits

Cloudy eyesight-Blurred vision in one eye- is this     iGenics   condition bothering you? It makes you wonder what can make your vision blurry in just one eye? Wearing glasses or contacts is a common solution that most people restore to. But does it offer a cure or prevention for this condition - is a long debated question. Usually this cloudy eyesight or blurred vision in one eye can be a result of migraine headaches; herpes eye infection, ear infection, vitamin deficiency, hypertension, high blood pressure, sinus infection etc. In some cases the blurred vision can either get better or worse as the day goes on. Blurry vision or cloudy eye is also known to be transient in nature. some people may experience this condition suddenly with blurriness lasting for a few moments to few hours or even days. When it lasts more than a few days is when we usually start to freak out. We start to wonder whether it is cancer, tumors or eye shingles or something more serious that is causing you this blurred vision. It 's not uncommon to see your ophthalmologist say "There's nothing wrong with your eyes" and prescribing some glasses or contacts. Sometimes even the CT scans and the tumor tests come negative too. 



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