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In essence it's a detoxification diet that achieves results Nuratrim Review in a relatively short timeframe. The diet itself involves ingredients including lemon juice, maple syrup, ground cayenne pepper into 10 ounces of filtered water. You are effectively making a detox lemonade which you take half a dozen to a dozen times per day while you are following the diet itself. It has to be said that the cayenne pepper adds a kick to proceedings, which some people will like and others less so. 

Overall this concoction of ingredients tastes pretty good. You may be surprised to learn that detoxification begins as soon as you start the diet. Quick results are commonly achieved on the Master Cleanse diet so be prepared for others around you to notice changes in your appearance fairly soon. One thing you will find as a result of following this diet is that your natural cravings for sugar-laden and quick-fix foods will significantly diminish. 




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