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Fighting with your spouse or significant other is never fun and I hope you are able to resolve the issue. Arguments are terrible. They can cause damage to any relationship without even meaning to. If you are in an argument with your loved one, then I am glad you are taking time to read this article. We are going to talk about ways to help your arguments and come out of it with a stronger and healthier relationship than when you started. Communication is key in any relationship. Do you sit down with your spouse and talk about what it is that is going on in your life? With out a doubt you have already talked about the argument, probably multiple times, but have you maintained communication? Do you ever talk about your problems with your spouse? or does your spouse talk to you? if not you should work on communicating a little more. Another important thing to remember is that the situation is not going to change if you aren't prepared to make the first move. Whether you think you were right or wrong, your spouse is going to think the same. Try making the first move and make the change. Doing this will show a submissive side of you to your loved one that probably ends up in reciprocation down the line. This could start a chain reaction that winds up in many more drama free situations. 



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