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Why not record your moments with your family  Vertical Jump Training Review and friends when riding your bike such as a Yamaha YZF450 or your Honda TRX450R ATV You're probably thinking it's time to splurge a little on yourself or a friend. You're thinking about going ahead and purchasing a helmet camera to records all those adrenaline riding moments. With an all in one compact unit, you can focus on your riding techniques and not the worries of a camera. There are two different options to consider before buying a helmet cam. You need to decide if you would like the convenience of a lightweight camera that is wireless, which has no wires and uses rechargeable batteries to power the camera, or a helmet cam with an LCD screen and the best quality of video. Both types of cameras have their pros and cons. Wireless helmet cameras such as the Oregon Scientific ATC 5K usually provide a color LCD screen, remote controls, multiple mounts for the best position of your camera. Wireless cameras provide hands free recording. Most of the wireless helmet cameras on the market are water resistant. You can even use the ATC 5K and the ATC 3K as a webcam. All the videos are recorded to an SD Card. Most decent cameras on the market today use anywhere from a 2 GB to an 4 GB SD Card, The best thing is that there is no hassle with wires and worrying about the unit disconnecting or getting hung up on the handle bars.



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