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The first strategy that I feel is very important is long term Nuratrim thinking. If you can get yourself to think about the consequences of your actions, you will be much more likely to choose the better, healthier course of action. So here is how I force myself to think in the long-term For example, let's pretend that I am standing in front of a platter of brownies one of my favorite snacks and I am tempted to eat them, but I know I am trying to lose weight. I would first ask myself, "If I ate this brownie, what would happen/ how would I feel" And then I would play it out in my head. I would think of the negative emotions I would feel if I ate it and I would think of failing to reach my weight loss goal. Then on the flip side, I would think of what would happen if I chose not to eat the brownies, I would think of how I would feel stronger and more in control. The great part about this tactic is that it can be used with anything, as specific as choosing a brownie or not to as broad as deciding whether to lose weight. So, what I invite you to do is think about it, ask yourself what will happen if I to keep living the life I am Then write it down on a piece of paper. Then ask yourself the opposite, what will happen if I lose weight Then write them down on a piece of paper.



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