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Are you sick of being turned down for financing Blue Sky Auto Finance whether it be a loan or a credit card? Do you want to know how you can clean up your credit and get approved more often? There are many ways to help your credit and some will help it a little and others a lot. Here are 3 secrets to clean up my credit score that can change your score by over 100 points. First, you need to start by paying off any small delinquent debts you can. Even if these are as simple as just $10 debts they count against you just the same as a $10,000 delinquent debt. The more of these you can pay off the more it will help your credit score. This is step one and should be done right away because it will take about 90 days for you to see a big change in your score. Next, you need to have something on the positive side to help out weigh the remaining negatives. This could be as simple as a prepaid credit card that allows you to pay a small monthly fee to get it to report to your credit. This is pretty easy to obtain and will help your credit tremendously. Plus with a prepaid credit card there is no way you can miss a payment.



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